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What We Do

Here at The Well Path, we are driven by a single goal; to reduce recidivism back into a life of exploitation. We strive to equip survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation through emergency shelter, mentor-ship, peer support groups and coercion resiliency based diversion programs,  which build productive relationships that make a positive impact in the lives of our participants. We offer emergency exit strategies and resources to leave a life of exploitation, and promote financial and educational opportunities in order to provide avenues to higher education and greater stability for the future. We encourage our women to seek healthier ways to reach full well-being by providing access to resources that lead them to the spiritual, mental, social, environmental, physical, legal, and financial paths in healing. 



A Distinct Identity

The Well Path is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

We are a faith based program and we find our identity in Jesus Christ, however, The Well Path is not a faith imposed program. Faith based principles helped to form the program as we believe spiritual health is key, however we do not push our beliefs onto anyone as it is important for each of our clients to find their own journey to spirituality.

The Well Path is also a survivor run program, and with our experience as subject matter experts we understand first hand how  peer  to peer support is  achieving more than ever before. We commit our experience, in successfully exiting a life of exploitation, to help improve the lives of  our communities most marginalized and vulnerable populations, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make in reaching this goal in order to reduce the recidivism rate. We believe there is life after trauma, and we believe that it can be one where we can not only survive the trauma , but thrive in life as well. Learn more about what we hope to do with your support, who we currently help, and how we work every day to promote positive change within our communities. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of human sex trafficking, or trying to leave a life of sexual exploitation,

dial 1-833-WANT-OUT to be free. We are just a phone call away.



Provide Emergency, Long Term and Transitional Housing

Our main future goal at The Well Path, is to provide a sanctuary for women survivors of adult sexual exploitation and or human sex trafficking while focusing on the key educational components of our program. The Well Path vision is a voluntary program that ranges from emergency shelter to long term housing support with transitional and continued support components. As we currently offer emergency response and a large range of tools to help our women take back their lives one piece at a time, we see a much larger and immediate need for more housing in order to successfully integrate our women into a normal way of life while learning to thrive again and walk in freedom and joy.  We are actively seeking to build our own physical housing location at this time, however, currently we do offer emergency shelter through hotel stays in CA and across the nation. We also offer small grants for rent or other financial needs as needed in order to reduce recidivism. We offer other  emergency resources with links to more programs that can offer longer term based housing.

Moving From Survival to Revival and into the Freedom to Thrive.

With your financial help we can begin providing more than emergency stays  in hotels as needed, and can offer our clients a  long term housing solution, and care after transition out of our housing program as needed to help maintain future success and stability. We can't do this work without our donors, so if you feel lead to give or want to know more about our program, contact us below. 

"Therefore with joy you will draw water From the wells of salvation." NKJV

Isaiah 12:3



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