Freedom Is The New Black!

This year The Well Path is partnering with the LBD.Project! The LBD.Project helps bring freedom to modern slaves by giving people who don't like human trafficking a way to do something about it through their 31-day challenge of wearing one black item of clothing through the entire month of March. If you want to help the mission of The Well Path but you are busy, or can't come to events because of your schedule or family life, join this LBD.Project on our behalf! Go to and they will help you through this challenge to give back to our organization! Thank you!" Some instructions are below. The campaign starts tomorrow. If you haven't registered please do. What Black item will you wear all month? HOW THE LBD.PROJECT WORKS (IN 5 EASY STEPS) 1. Register for the LBD.Project here for support and guidance through the month. 2. Commit to wearing the same black item of clothing in March. 3. Select our anti-trafficking organization (The Well Path) and then you can set up your fundraising page here. 4. Lead the way by making the first donation, then ask those you know to donate $10 (or more) too! 5. Share a picture of you in that item and/or a story or fact about human trafficking (ideally, daily) using the hashtag #LBDProject2018 or #LBDProject to let those around you know why you are wearing the same thing all the time! Dont forget to tag @the_well_path on instagram and The Well Path on Facebook