Emergency Hotel Voucher Program

Short term emergency shelter offered to anyone seeking an immediate escape from their exploitive situation. 

Mentorship/Peer Support

Here we connect peer leaders and professionals alike to walk alongside our clients.

Emergent Needs

Here we provide grocery and gas gift cards, help with rent and other bills if needed

After Care Program

Once our clients emergent needs are met they can come back to us at anytime for extra needed support services 

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Soup Kitchen

Crisis Counseling 

Here we offer free crisis intervention counseling.

Self Care Retreat

Each year we provide a healing weekend retreat escape for survivors of sex trafficking

Case Management

Here each client can receive one on one support to assist them with reaching their basic need goals.

Community Engagement

TWP works hard to involve and educate the community. Find out how we can help below.

Court Diversion

Here we offer a second chance legally with our10 week harm reduction class in North County San Diego.  

Legislative Work

Here we advocate for laws and policies that will better assist and protect our clients.

Legal Assistance 

Here we assist our clients by connecting them to an attorney that can aid them with their legal/credit needs. 

Youth at Risk Program

Here we look to prevent further exploitation of our youth through education and mentorship.

After School
Group Lecture
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