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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Campaign

At The Well Path, we’re raising our initial down payment through Funds2Orgs by collecting over 7500 pairs of used shoes in an effort to  be ready to open our emergency home by July 2019. We will be paid a small fee per lb. This is a win win. You get rid of your old shoes and we get our down payment to open a home that will provide safety for the women we serve.

We will end our shoe drive officially in January with an awareness walk. "The Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Campaign" is important, because we believe in taking every effort to educate  our community.

This is a call to action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about our own local exploitation: the most pressing issues facing today’s society.

But it doesn't stop there...

After the Shoe Drive/"Walk a Mile In Her Shoes Campaign" is over,

the shoes then get shipped, by Funds2Orgs, directly to the micro-enterprise vendors. Micro-enterprises are small businesses in developing nations. They are typically operated by one person or family and friends, depending on size. These venders are therefore empowered to earn an income for their families were otherwise they would be impoverished and possibly even exploited themselves.

Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others. We can change our world, but we cant do it alone. 



Volunteer Coordinator

  • Screen and assist volunteers with the application process

  • Track volunteer hours and needs

  • Coordinate help for events and trainings

Mental Health

• Trauma therapists needed for our clients. We need more therapists willing to take on one to two of our clients free of charge every 6 months.


• Backpacks for clients coming out of Juvi, Los Colinas women's jail, hospitals, and off the street filled with Pjs, athletic wear, journal and food vouchers. These needed on hand for street outreach and emergency support. 


• 7-passenger vehicle or funds for regular transportation services (van services) 

Administration Needs 

• Bookkeeper/Accountant 

• updating web content 

• marketing brochure (have materials but need help implementing/organizing/laying out design & content) 

Fundraising Needs  

• Grant writing and grant searching (continual) ASAP!

• Table/booth hosts for events (continual) next event is

Social Enterprise development/build business plan, strategic plan and implement plan (This is a long-term goal idea) 

▪ Potential Products include: Manufacturing frozen food or drink products, t-shirts, and other online store sales ideas. We welcome other ideas for sustainable growth and ability to employ survivors coming out of  our program. 

▪ We need help with platform, plan, etc. 

▪ Want to be able to employ guests in our future housing program for at least $12/hr, need financial plan and funding upfront, SWOT analysis, cost analysis, market analysis, etc. 

Financial Need

“Housing” – LITERALLY! • Our current housing project is our biggest need. (in the process of raising the funding). It will be our highest cost center due to cost of rent and utilities and program staff fees.  Looking for donated property/house or low rent price.  

At the rate we are going with the partnerships we have accumulated our only real cost would be for housing and staffing our program director and resident manager. Proposed cost estimating $87,000 for the first year.

We are looking to have 3 bedrooms that could easily house 4 women. This type of housing is extremely temporary and would fit within our 90-120 day emergency housing limit/plan for our clients as needed. We cannot delay intake as these women have nowhere else to go.

The Well House Volunteers- Client Facing

Once housing is in place, we will need more volunteers 

Client facing volunteers will be scheduled to be available to host workshops, and mentorship, and will help assist the program director and resident manager at the residence during the day and early evenings Monday-Friday.

Volunteer Duties-

• Transportation of Clients to appointments - Times determined by designated client’s schedules 

• Work shop facilitation 

• Fitness coaching 

• Nutrition coaching 

• AA/NA/CR female sponsors   

Please help with filling the gaps notated above – feel free to take the initiative in assisting with any of the above.  We will make ourselves available for any questions, concerns or discussion.



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FAX 833-926-8688

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